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SSD Chemical Solution
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Carl Morris, Customer; 

SSDCHEMSON has been a great support for me whenever I come across the need for SSD Chemical Solution or other money-cleaning chemicals. I usually get projects related to cleaning paper currency for my clients. And for doing the same, I need a lot of chemicals that help in the accomplishment of those projects. I always buy the chemicals and solutions from this company. I would love to suggest this company to people who are looking forward to purchasing SSD Chemical Solution. I am very happy and satisfied with their products and timely delivery that keep my work on a smooth path.

Patricia Bouglas, Manager;

Being into a financial business, I receive a huge amount of money. But along with profit, there comes the possibilities of stained and defaced banknotes that are full of impurities. I was in a fix until I get in touch with SSDCHEMSON CATALYST LTD. I met these people and feel privileged to know them in personal. They washed away all the staining and impurities from the banknotes and gave them a new look. I am glad that I chose them as my partner in need. I wish this company grows more and help people like me around the world.


 I was hunting for a company online in order to buy Zuta S4 chemical for cleaning the impurities from my currency. Because I heard it from somewhere that this chemical helps in cleaning banknotes in a proper manner. My colleague informed about a company called Zenith Chemicals and guess what? This company did a great job for me. I received the order at my doorstep at the exact date mentioned by them. I am very satisfied with the quality of chemicals they have sent. My all paper currency just look new and beautiful as it used to be. All thanks to them!

Feven Woldbily, Customer;

After analyzing producer's notes properly, we propose the appropriate chemical that we bought for effective and proper cleaning was done on my notes. The proposed chemical was shipped along with user manual and sample cleaning video for me to follow the cleaning procedure. The chemical is shipped to my team along with 100% quality guarantee certificate and there no Mal-function of chemical though SSDChems was liable to total refund of chemical money and payment of damage.